Inside a Medium’s World

Guidance for making sense of life in this world from those who have passed beyond it

Think of me as a medium in a different way than you may have considered thinking about mediums – it is so much more than getting a reading. Think of me as an over-enthusiastic student, clamoring to be at a master’s side so that I can learn as much as I can, as fast as I can from those in spirit who are willing to teach, explain, and guide. What I learn by listening and communicating with them daily excites me so much and has completely changed my life and the way that I think about daily living (and life beyond this life). I cannot help but want to be in constant communication them! And with Beyond Perspective, I bring to you what I learn and what I experience through them. I bring you my own private daily world with those in dimensions beyond.

Eric Pierson

Time with Eric is your own one-on-one time for mentorship, for information, as well as connecting with those outside of this dimension.

What would it be like to have a medium as a mentor, joining you on the path of your own life journey and your own metaphysic journey? There is nothing cookie-cutter about this – your own skills and the experiences that you may already be having are unique to you. And just because we are having these experiences does not mean that we can always define them or explain them to ourselves in order to make sense of it all. This is where a mentor – someone that perceives you and perceives those beyond – can assist.

You can know more – it is available to you

There exists a world beyond, with ways of being and doing that seem to defy what you know, what you have learned and been taught – that seem unnatural and impossible. 

You are much more than just this life

The more you can experience and interact with the world beyond, the more you can start collecting information, evaluating it, and making your own conclusions. 

Transform who you are & how you live

You are capable of knowing more and taking yourself to higher and brighter. There are so many things that we can (and are allowed to) know and experience.

Mediumship skills & experiences

They play by their own rules and/or the constraints of dimensions, and what comes through does not always comply with our rules. And that is OK – dimensions function differently.

My approach & attitude

Humility. Respect. Thankfulness. Boundaries. Inquisitive. These are good ways to interact with others here in our dimension, but are extra important when crossing dimensions.

Perspectives Blog

Inside a Medium’s World: Guidance for making sense of life in this world from spirits who have passed beyond it.

142: GWF, III

142: GWF, III

Anything you want. Anything you need. My everything is yours. Nothing separates us but a thin, whisp of a dimension. The slightest of separations so powerfully keeps us from so much.

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