Time with Eric

Your own one-on-one time for mentorship, information, as well as connecting with those outside of this dimension.

MENTORSHIP TIME. What would it be like to have a medium as a mentor, joining you on the path of your own metaphysic journey?

Your own skills and the experiences that you may already be having are unique to you. Sure, there are common themes and ways things tend to work when interacting across dimensions, but they are unique to you as a soul, your own life, your own level of awareness, and where you are on your own journey of soul development. And sometimes we really need a mentor.

It is common to feel uncomfortable sharing your own skills and personal experiences with others in your social setting – purely because we fear being judged or misunderstood. But more importantly, just because we are having the experiences does not mean that we can always define them or explain them to ourselves in order to make sense of it all. This is where a mentor – someone that perceives you and perceives those beyond – can assist.

Sometimes others who have their own skills may push their own views that do not exactly align to how things work for you. But there is nothing cookie-cutter about this – whether you know it or not, you have your own style. And your own style develops over time and will continue to evolve as you do. So we must take time to allow our own style, our own skills, to come forward in their own divine timing.

Eric Pierson

Time with Eric Can Be Used To

This dimension can feel really void of information or education, and sometimes what you need is a mentor to walk with you on your path and think through/process things with you. And since none of us are exactly alike, we support each other, and we learn from each other. No soul is above or better – just different.

Mentorship time is done on an hourly basis and is typically provided via video conference. Please contact me for availability, let me know what kind of topics you would like to cover, and we will work through the scheduling and payment.

Time with Eric can also be about connecting with others that are beyond our dimension, be it someone you know or those beyond that watch over us or guide us.

Time with Eric

I also do readings in addition to my focus on creating education materials and providing mentorship.

Finding a medium that communicates in a way that speaks to you, that fits your style and your needs, is important because it helps you to feel more comfortable to when evaluating the messages/information that come through.

Please contact me for my availability or for referrals to other mediums in my network if we do not find a fit. We will work through scheduling, payment, or recommendations.

Note: On occasion information needs to be sent via written word (email or text), because the nature of what comes to me may require me to sketch out what I see, and that may require it (or parts of it) to be written and sent to you and then further discussed. Sometimes communications are just very visual and hard to describe any other way… And they “work me” that way sometimes! We don’t always get to choose how they communicate to us – they choose that.