You can know more – it is available to you.

FROM ME: This information came through to me through automatic writing. At the time I knew belonged as part of Beyond Perspective, but did not understand where. It just flowed through me, writing it down quickly and not even understanding what was being said from word to word until after it was done. And today, I know. It belongs right here on the main page. This comes through me, but they are speaking it to YOU – the one who is wondering, the one who’s ears, inner knowing, or interest has been peaked.

FROM THE BEYOND: “And now we sit to write of what is to be. There are ways of being, of living, of becoming that can take you to where you want, where you desire to be.

It is not where you are now, but rather where you wish to be.

There exists a world beyond, with ways of being and doing that seem to defy what you know, what you have learned and been taught – that words seem to defy – that seem unnatural and impossible.

But that is not true. There is more, there is better, there is wiser, there is lighter, and there is brighter. It is just that you have been surrounded in a system that has not provided to you the knowledge. There is a world around you that surrounds you – so very near – so defying your senses it seems.

But we are close, we draw near. We bring to you a world and ways of being that are of worlds that are beyond yours, but worlds that include yours.

You are part of something much larger than the world you live in and the ways of living and doing that you have constrained yourself to be ruled by.

If you think bigger than ‘you’… If you think bigger than your world (that you think you know), you may find that not everything is as it seems – or as you knew it to be. 

And THIS is just as it SHOULD be.

Because once you start to understand that everything around you ‘is’ but perhaps not the ‘is’ or limited to this ‘is’ that you have constrained it to be, then you will begin a never-ending journey to finding and rediscovering that which can be.

And THIS is how it begins.”

You are much more than just this life

FROM ME: Some people believe that this life is all that there is, and this world is all that there is. And that is ok. That is where they are in their journey. And honestly, given the context and cultures of our world, we understand why they believe that. And we respect and honor that – we each have our own path and our own timing. 

But for some of us, there is a sense that there is so much more. That we are more than just this life, and that there is more than just this world. And that… there may be entirely different ways of living that feel more highly evolved, feel lighter, feel brighter, healthier,…

It is as if we feel almost as if we have a memory of something (tucked away in our minds/in our spirit) that keeps making us think “Uhhh yahhhh, I kinda feel like I can almost put my finger on a world where it doesn’t function like this….” But at the same time cannot really comprehend or verbalize what that is.

The more you can experience and interact with the world beyond (whether through a medium at first or purely through your own skills), the more you can start collecting information, evaluating it, and making your own conclusions. Small bits, here and there, that, over time, you begin to piece things together like a long lost puzzle. And then there are the transformative “aha” or epiphany moments where you realize beyond doubt that a world beyond really does exist. And it is pretty hard to go back to no longer knowing.

And if you choose so, you can learn so much more beyond the “aha.”

Transform who you are & how you live


There is so much that you can do.
At your own pace.
In line with where you are in life.

And while there are many things that are difficult to understand while in the incarnate dimension, there are so many things that we can (and are allowed to) know and experience.

Who out there (other than our culture) says that you cannot? Who out there is able to see/feel/touch/experience/grasp/read your inner world in order to even begin to judge you based upon what is inside of you? Set aside the limits that you have taken to be true. No one can take away your inner self. We often forget that unless we speak parts of it to others, they have no way to actually know it. It belongs 100% to you.

You are capable of knowing more and taking yourself to higher and brighter.

And when you begin this path, and take it at your own learner’s pace… It transforms who you are, evolves you, and by nature it transforms how you live.

Mediumship skills & experiences

FROM ME: More than meets the eye. I think people generally understand that mediums are tuning into things that are most often not being actively perceived by others. That they are able to make use of additional senses.

But these communications and experiences are not restricted to just mediums. Many people receive messages, signs, have interactions (have metaphysical experiences), etc. A medium may have additional sensitivity and may also have worked to develop these skills.

And like most skills – it is about committing to actively developing the abilities that are unique to you.

A lot of it is about paying attention. A lot of it is about staying open. A lot of it is about wanting it – desiring it. A lot of it is about allowing yourself to grow, and understand, and learn over time. A lot of it is about consistently being there as an active learner. It is about practice and patience.

Even if you are not the medium, even if you are not having the metaphysical experiences yourself, open yourself up and be willing to receive and consider what souls outside of our dimension choose to deliver to you through a medium.

As much as souls are still very similar to how they were here in this dimension (assuming they were at one point here in this dimension), it is important to know that dimensions function differently. So understanding communications from other dimensions is very much about being open to the “different” and “unexpected.”

In order to understand, consider that those in other dimensions are also working across the dimensional boundaries to get through to you. They have to work thru the boundaries just as much as we do. My suggestion to you is to work to remain open as best you can. Work to not specify how something should happen based upon how it works on our side. Do not try to force them to adhere to your rule or expectations on how things must be done. Stay open, and consider what they can and do get across the dimensions to you. They play by their own rules and/or the constraints of dimensions, and what comes through does not always comply to our rules. And that is OK – just stay open.


My approach & attitude